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Tie a blue knot and support type 1 diabetes research

There is no cure for type 1 diabetes and we need your support. Tie a blue knot to help boost awareness for the disease, support diabetes research and help the 50 000 children and adults who today suffer from type 1 diabetes.
  • • 8000 children are affected by type 1 diabetes.
  • • 900 children get type 1 diabetes each year.
  • • No one is cured - type 1 diabetes requires complex care with insulin treatment and blood sugar controls - around the clock, for life.
  • • Life is shortened for a lot of people that get type 1 diabetes at an early age.
  • • Those affected by type 1 diabetes get many secondary diseases.
  • • Anyone can get type 1 diabetes regardless of how you eat and how you live.
  • • Sweden and Finland are the two countries most affected by type 1 diabetes.
  • • The disease creates negative social and economic consequences.
  • • Three times increased risk for mental illness.
  • • Four out of ten mothers show symptoms of burnout/exhaustion.

The disease needs monitoring and treatment around the clock, throughout your whole life. In spite of modern technology and better treatments, it often leads to secondary diseases and a drastically shortened life for those affected. Type 1 diabetes is an unsolved enigma, an intractable knot that scientists only can solve given more resources.

Tie a blue knot around your wrist, a tree, on your bike or in whatever way you like. Take a picture of it and post it on social media. By doing this you will help spread awareness for Type 1 diabetes and the Children’s Type 1 diabetes foundation.

Help us solve the blue knot once and for all!

It´s easy to join the fight against type 1-diabetes – here´s how you do it:

  • • Wear a blue ribbon, string, or rope with a clear blue knot – however and wherever you want to wear it.
  • • Take a picture of your blue knot and share it on your social media. Mark your post with the hashtag #BlueKnot/#BlåKnuten and tag @Barndiabetesfonden (Child Diabetes Foundation). Tell the rest of the world that you are joining the battle against type 1 diabetes (länk till så här kan du berätta om ditt stöd för Blå knuten här).
  • • Give a donation to Barndiabetesfonden (Child Diabetes Foundation). Click on the button to give a donation. 
    Give a donation
  • You can also join the battle by:

  • • Adding a blue knot to your profile picture. Click here to add the blue knot to your picture.
  • • Adding a blue knot as an effect in your Facebook- or Instagram-camera. Click here to download the effect for: Facebook | Instagram
  • • Starting a fundraiser on Facebook. Start your fundraiser here
  • • Give a donation to Barndiabetesfonden (Child Diabetes Foundation). Click on the button to give a donation. 
    Give a donation

Pictures from #BlåKnuten 2019

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